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Who we are:      

Founded in 2003, we are a group of experienced professionals with the common background of helping companies experiencing operational trauma during a state of transition.   Trauma brought about by  Explosive Sales Growth or a Downturn in Sales, Inadequate Financing, a Change in Key Staff, Entering a New Market, Fraud, or other "Unknown Reasons???".


Our Extensive Experience:           

We are top tier professionals with a hands-on, attentive, and entrepreneurial approach to business.

 All of our associates have over fifteen plus years of operating experience, both from inside the company as an owner operator or on-staff executive, as well as outside the company as an outsource adviser or consultant. We are well rounded and versatile; often times doing the jobs of many with one, saving our clients time and money.  We are "Plain Spoken", Efficient; and Results Oriented.  Most of us have run businesses of our own, and know the difference between "Advice" and "Results"!!


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Our Reasonable and Performance based fees:

We do our best to structure our fees based upon meeting tangible milestones. We operate with low overhead allowing  us to offer affordable solutions and flexible arrangements to suit your business.  Due to our unique structure and versatile hands-on advisors,  you won't find a better value in the marketplace for similar services.


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