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Want the most value for what you created?

Preparation, Timing and Presentation make all the difference in what you get.


You have no doubt heard of "Staging" a Home for sale.   A properly prepared business will appraise at a higher value, sell faster, and sell with fewer contingencies.  Transition from Entrepreneurial to Professional Management!  (You can sell your business, but you can't sell yourself)


Examples of issues inhibiting a successful sale and maximizing market value:


       Poorly presented financial statements that do no capture true historical profits.

       Current financial results to do represent the future potential

       Prospective buyers want to pay you on future profits

       Hidden opportunities not well presented

      Too much reliance on the business owners

       Family members hold key positions

      Clutter on the Balance Sheet.

      Wrong Sales Broker\Intermediary

      Wrong Buyers

      Too much sales concentration

      Weak systems and controls

      Accountant and Lawyer not vested in a Sale

      Concern with Key Employees and Competitors

      Not understanding or planning for the Net after Income Tax proceeds from the sale.




We specialize in preparing privately held middle market companies and can guide you through the process.



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